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  1. Ben Ordway says

    As of today, 06/08/2020, I can see “Cancelled TV Shows: 2020-2021 Renewal Scorecard” for ABC.

    However, all the links for other networks go to 2019-2020.

    • Outsider says

      I also sent them an email. To date I have received NO response. I am starting to think this site is running on auto-pilot. Time to look for another site.

      • Barb Mason says

        Yep was my go to site but not now. Too many areas that are in last years seasons. Have no idea whether it’s renewed or cancelled.
        If you can run the site as an up-to-date system, you have 2 choices –
        1. Employ more people to do the job correctly or
        2. Shut down something that is a wasted space and totally unreliable.

        • Outsider says

          yup…. Feb 7, 2021 and the CBS scorecard page is STILL not done. as well as all other scorecard pages NOT being updated.

      • Paul says

        Yeah, this site is pretty lame, it’s 8/10/2021 and they still last ‘Manifest’ as renewed for Season 3 even tho season 3 is over and the was cancelled after that.

  2. Janet Harlin says

    Please DO NOT CANCEL the new show, Bargain Block! My husband and I love, love, love this show. The guys do great work renovating the old homes to return them to their original condition. PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW GOING!

  3. George says

    Does anyone know Where can I find a list of renewal status for 2022. Sometimes (seldom) it is there after 2021 but mostly cant find it . Can anyone recommend an alternative source of new/renewed shows

  4. Steve says

    Is TV dead??? It’s now 2024 and your latest email newsletter has two new shows 2, ONLY TWO. And the best you can do is show is the “TV Renewal scorecard” for 2020-2021? WHY do we want to look at renewed/canceled TV shows for 2020-2021, it’s 2024, what the hell????

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